About Our Team

zdx was born to create an unrestricted financial system

We are committed to expanding ZDX with the help of the community

Liezer Barruga

Liezer is a licensed civil engineer. He has been in Engineering for nearly 20 years in two categories – four years experience as a Civil Engineer Coordinator and the rest of the year as a Sr. Structural Designer & Reviewer on Engineering & Consulting firm in Middle East. He joined Cryptocurrency last year 2015 and began to know how the cryptocurrency business works by joining the leocoin community with a networking platform. He reached high rank in the business of leocoin. While enjoying business, he joins various alt coins and continually studies how to make profit by investing in different coins and studies how to create own coins. He joined Stakenet coin project, he was one of the big investors with a huge contribution to achieve 1$ ATH from 0.009$. He joined various teams to re-activate scammed coins left by the real owner/developer. But working on different projects without salary is frustrating. So he decided to create a self project where it was called ZDX coin

Zabihollah Ahmadi

Ahmadi has worked for five years in private oil and gas companies and is very interested in Internet business. Since 2014 he has become familiar with cryptography and the world of blockchain.He has worked as a marketer for several other teams


I worked at a private school as a Multimedia instructor and accidentally discovered the Crypto world 3 years ago, slowly I studied the Crypto world then I tried to enter the Crypto trading world in 2016, now I have become a graphic design in several cryptographic teams and other companies, I feel very fortunate to meet with the world of Crypto and open my horizons in the world of global finance (Crypto Currency) That’s all and thank you so hopefully this review will be useful for all of you, Greetings of friendship


Blockchain developer, focusing on creating well designed and highly effective software written in C++ and C#. 10+ years experience in developing. Other knowledge: Python, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby.